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About Us

Lumicro Lighting Company was established at 2011 in Ankara and became one of the leading producers in lighting sector with its experience and knowledge. Especially in production of lighting fixtures and lighting poles, project evaluation and engineering it keeps increasing its production capacity with each passing year.

It became one of the leading lighting company by paying much attention in quality and services since its establishment.

Quality in production, continuity in services are the main principles of Lumicro Lighting Company today and in future.

Lumicro pays attention to R&D studies and follows advanced technologies in production.

Goals and Principles

Lumicro plans to expand continuously, produce high quality products and services with each passing years. Continuity in production and services for the country, customers and suppliers are the main goals of our company.

Continuous quality production is the main goal of our company since our establishment.

Quality production for our customers, solution to their demand are our main principles and priorities.

To assume our responsibilities, to solve the problems of our customers before and after production are our main mission. We also try to develop special projects and create new concepts.

We pay attention to produce functional, aesthetic and practical products.

R&D Innovation

We always think about and consider new creative ideas. We consider R&D and innovation as essential for a company aiming to be a leading company in the sector.

We consider innovation as being a part of our daily activities. It is our belief that innovation is a creative solution to the need of customers.

We look at life, surrounding and to our products from a customer point of view and try to reflect innovative approach starting from the idea up to the final product.

Our Services
  • Special design project solutions
  • Special design products for projects
  • Setup and consultancy services